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O p e ra to r Pr of i l e A F o u r S e a s o n s Av i a ti o n Classic for All Seasons As it prepares to celebrate Toronto’s Four Seasons Aviation has turned to one its 30 anniversary in 2017, Four Seasons Aviation is looking forward to of the classics — a Sikorsky S-58T — to the future with the help of a blast from the past. Over the years, the Toronto, Ontario-based expand its presence in the flourishing operator has worked hard to establish a reputation aerial construction sector in as one of the leading providers of aerial cinematography among the major TV and film production studios, but the latest Canada’s largest city. introduction to its fleet — a Sikorsky S-58ET — promises to allow th By Oliver Johnson Photos by Mike Reyno & Andy Cline 42 Ver tical Maga zine the company to take full advantage of the growing number of construction opportunities in Canada’s largest city. Established by owner-pilot Dave Tommasini in 1987 with a single Bell 206B JetRanger, Four Seasons began operations as a general utility company, performing local charter work and covering the occasional fire. It then branched out into the aerial